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The Committee

The Committee

The Wellington Triathlon Club Committee consists of 12 dedicated current and former triathletes. All committee members are involved for the same reason, to assist in improving triathlon in the Wellington region for current and prospective Club members.

The WTC Committee meet once a month, but sub-committee’s will also meet separately in order to work through specific projects and update the whole committee at the monthly meeting.

James Turner (President, SR and CY) – james.turner@jtassociates.co.nz

Anthea Morrison (Secretary & C) – info@wgtntriathlon.org.nz

Michael Courtney (Treasurer, F & SG)

Matthew Berg (C & SE)

Doug Stark (C & SE)

Tim Noble (C & CY)

Natalie Hardaker (CY)

Chris Radley (SG)

Vivien Hitchins (SG)

Cam McKay (F)

Ross Capill (SE)

Greg Williams (F, SE & SR)

Brett Thomson (F, C, SE & SR)


SR – Strategy & Relationship Sub-Committee

CY – Coaching & Youth Sub-Committee

C – Communications Sub-Committee

F – Audit & Finance Sub-Committee

SG – Sponsorship & Grants Sub-Committee

SE – Social & Events Sub-Committee

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