Written by Matt on July 29th 2015

Wellington Trisuit design competition

Fancy yourself as a bit of a designer? Well now’s your chance to show us your stuff. We’ve teamed up with Tinelli to get a new club uniform including top-end racing tri suits (one piece and two piece) at discounted prices. We are really keen on getting a snazzy design for our tri suits that will help us stand out in local, national and international races and make other clubs look at us with envy!

So seeing as we want you all to wear it, we thought we’d give you guys the chance to come up with the design – so get your thinking caps on and put forward a picture/design/graphic of what you think the club uniform should look like. It doesn’t have to be done using a fancy design package – we’ll accept any picture format. All you have to do is submit your design by Wednesday August 12th. Submitted designs will be unveiled at our club AGM on Sunday 16th (link to the event below).  Even if you haven’t submitted a design come along to the AGM to see all the designs and to give us some feedback on who should be a finalist. The finalists will be announced on Facebook and decided by vote. The winner will receive a free trisuit of their design as well as the gloating powers associated with being able to see their design out there racing in triathlons worldwide. So get your thinking caps on, let the creative juices flow and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer!

There are no rules as to what needs to be on your design but we’d prefer the tri club logo (below) and colours to be used in some way. Remember your design will be worn by both males and females of all shapes and sizes so make sure you think about this as well. Anyone can submit a design – you don’t have to be a club member. Please send through your designs (and any questions) to rebecca@keat.co.nz

Here are the logo files and a picture of a blank tri suit that you might want to use to draw it up.